Summers Place

If you’re like me, (which let’s just assume you aren’t as paranoid and crazy as me and have gotten your license to drive a motorized vehicle) you take the bus everywhere. I am planning on attempting the feat of learning to drive this year but I have a fear of #1: running some poor bastard over, and #2: getting into yet another car accident. I can’t even count on both hands the amount of times I’ve almost been killed in a car, so, I have some post traumatic underlining issues about driving. Anyways, if you’re like me and don’t drive than your only other alternative until they invent teleportation is busing everywhere. I really don’t mind the bus to be honest, it can be a little time consuming but I find its a fine place to study those around you. Human beings are interesting creatures to watch, and you can find all kinds in the metal monsters that transport us from one place to another. You can find people of all different nationalities, ethnicities, back grounds, religious beliefs and, walks of life. Much like school or work, these people are all forced together on a common ground, they need to get somewhere. There are many different personalities on a bus, there is the Daydreamer, (the one who gazes out the window at the passing world around him/her). The Talkers, (the couple of friends who are talking about school/work/life). The Gothic/Emo/Metal head, (they are all dressed in black and their heavy metal music can be heard blasting from their ear buds from the very back of the bus. TURN YOUR MUSIC DOWN MAN! YOU’RE GOING TO GO DEF). There’s the Reader, ( the one who has their head crammed in a book). The observer, (which is myself). Ect. Today on my way back from the gym I was “the reader”. I was reading the book,“Furiously Happy”, by Jenny Lawson, ( a funny book about horrible things that you should totally read because it will make your life better !), when an older gentlemen struck up a conversation with me. We talked about mystery novels and authors until his stop a few minutes down the road. When you’re traveling with strangers all over the city you never know who you’ll find. There’s a scary aspect to that though too though. A few years ago when I first came to Canada I heard about a guy on a Greyhound bus who had been sleeping having his head chopped off by the guy behind him . Not that I’m afraid that my head will be cut off by some mentally unstable fellow passenger,( if I was asleep it’s not like I would know what happened), I’m more afraid of seeing someone get their head chopped off! That would be so gross and blood would be everywhere and for someone who’s already claustrophobic and wheezy at the sight of blood, being stuck on a bus with a headless passenger would not be fun. Not to mention all the other passengers who are now screaming and covered in neck blood ! Disgusting…. Definitely going to get my license.


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