Summers Place

Netflix will be the death of me. Actually no, my inability to say,“Hey, I need to get up at 6:30 A.M. for work tomorrow, maybe it would be an intelligent idea to go to sleep before 12 A.M.” But than I’m watching my newest obsession and at the end if each episode it says the fatal, “Next Episode in 20 seconds.” And I think, what’s the harm in staying up another half hour, and then that half hour turns into an hour, and that hour an hour and a half, and so on and so forth. Then I realize it’s 3 in the morning and I have to get up in 3.5 hours and I am a complete moron for staying up and watching a show that I could easily pause and go back to later. IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE DUMB ASS ! Unfortunately for me I very seldom learn from my mistakes and re-peat this error until I’m so tired I’m helucinating the grudge coming out of dark corners, (Yes this has happened, though I also suffer from insomnia at times too so that could be a factor). I often seem to obsess over anything that catches my fleeting attention. This one time, someone lent my sister and I the complete series of “Hero”. Now, I should warn you, I grew up in Costa Rica, so our T.V. shows were pretty limited. This was the time before Netflix, B.N. for short. We were all eager to get our hands on something good to watch, I especially was, and still am, a huge fan of T.V. and movies. My sister, mother, and I really enjoyed watching the first few episodes together. Around 10 or 11, they decided to go to sleep. I thought I would just stay up a little bit longer and see what happens next, (In hindsight this was a huge mistake, I can’t trust myself to make responsible decisions). I watched episode after episode, paying apsalutely no attention to the fast passing time until I heard the strangest of sounds. It was the sounds of birds chirping. “How odd . What are birds doing out this late at night?” I remember thinking before finally deciding to check the time. OH MY LANTA! IT’S 5 A.M.! MOM IS GOING TO BE UP ANY MINUTE AND KILL ME FOR STAYING UP SO LATE ! (or early I should say). I quickly shut off the television and ran into my room where my younger sister was sleeping soundly on the top bunk . I quickly and quietly changed into my pajamas and jumped into bed, my heart racing, trying to fall asleep as fast as possible. This was back when I was 15. I learned nothing from this experience, and now that I’m considered an adult I can totally get away with staying up as late as I want. That’s the thing they never tell you about growing up, that you’re responsible for you. If you screw up, mommy and daddy ain’t going to bail you out anymore. it’s sink or swim . That’s why there’s naps 😀


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