It’s funny how empty we all are, how lost. In a world full of direction and pathways, we always seem to misread the signs.

My whole life I have been lost with a direction in mind. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Summer, if you knew where you were going, how could you get lost?”

I ask myself that question all the time. Why did I, someone who had always known which path to walk, which direction to go, misread all the signs and end up so damn confused about where to go?

And then I think, maybe there is no beginning or end to life. Maybe there is just US being placed on our retrospective paths by God, the Universe, or whichever higher power pulls the strings, if there is anyone. Maybe we just wander in hopes of finding our destinations, in hopes that maybe our journey won’t be so terribly rainy, or we won’t get robbed by some random opportunist of our precious time.

Maybe life is just hard for the sake of being hard.

I don’t know anymore.

All I know is I’ve walked through the rain enough already, hopefully this sign takes me to a dry patch or maybe just hands me a towel.


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